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Dog breeds running around
Dog breeds running around
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Project Definition

As I looked at the options available to me for the capstone project as part of Udacity’s Data Scientist for Enterprise course, one jumped out at me beyond the rest: classifying dog breeds using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs).

In my last role, I managed websites that allowed users to upload an image. Our expectation was that the images would be of a human’s face. However, many times people uploaded images of animals or objects or full bodies, etc., which were not what we wanted. …

A sign showing the Right and Wrong ways.
A sign showing the Right and Wrong ways.
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Are My Experiences Similar to Those of Others?

As I set out to complete my fourth project under the Udacity Data Science for Enterprise course I was not sure where to start. I had multiple example datasets provided to me as well as the ability to choose any dataset I could find. It seemed the possibilities were limitless.

However, I decided to stick with the base Stack Overflow Survey dataset from 2017. After reviewing the metadata more deeply I saw that there were some very interesting questions asked in the survey which made me think back to my own experiences as a software developer. …

A.J. Plummer

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